Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery Defense

Assault charges are often brought after events at which excessive alcohol is consumed. Sporting events, concerts, and college gatherings can give rise to assault charges. Bar fights frequently lead to charges of assault. Domestic violence charges often involve assault. Whatever the circumstances of the assault charge, I work to make sure all my clients have a vigorous defense of their rights, are judged by a true jury of their peers, and receive a fair sentence if convicted. If you have been charged with any level of assault, contact a Spanish English speaking lawyer who has the dedication and skill to protect your rights during legal proceedings against you. Call me for a free initial consultation.

Either a Misdemeanor or Felony

Assault can be either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances and whether a weapon was used. The charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon can involve almost any type of weapon. Even if the assault did not involve a gun, this particular offenceor aggravated assault can carry serious consequences, including jail time and fines. If serious injuries resulted from the assault, the accused may also face a civil lawsuit.
There are many factors that go into a felony assault charge. People sometimes fail to realize that many domestic violence charges involve assault. When dueling spouses throw things at each other, charges of this crimemay be brought . If you think you may be facing an assault charge, contact my Valencia law office to learn about your options.

Experienced Trial Lawyer

I have tried many of theses cases, and handled even more misdemeanor assault cases. Whatever the severity of the assault and battery charge, I will represent you effectively, making sure your rights are protected, all evidence against you properly collected, and any penalty applied fairly. Contact my 10 – 15,  Colon St. Valencia law office to learn how I can help you.

Defending Against All Levels of Assault Charges