Spain Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Extortion – Larceny
Charges of embezzlement are often related to other types of theft Practice Area, such credit card fraud, identity theft or purse snatching rings. The penalties can be serious, especially if significant amounts of money are involved. Restitution of embezzled funds can take a lifetime. If you think you may be facing any level of embezzlement charge, contact me, a qualified criminal lawyer for a free initial consultation.

Restitution Required in Most Embezzlement Cases
At my Valencia law office, I defend individuals accused of all types of embezzlement. I walk them through the criminal justice system, making sure that all evidence is properly presented and all witness testimony fairly evaluated. If my client is convicted, I work to reduce the penalties so that it remains possible to make restitution. I argue vigorously for supervised probation rather than jail time but will fight to the end to get your absolution.

Ordinary People Find Themselves Tempted by Extraordinary Opportunities
My clients have included many ordinary people who were tempted by what appeared to be easy money. I have defended teenagers accused of stealing from the cash register at their job after school, bookkeepers charged with altering records, and charity canvassers thought to be skimming off some the collected money. I have also defended people accused of more complex embezzlement.

Protect Your Rights
In any embezzlement matter, I work hard to protect my client’s rights. If he or she is convicted, I argue for a reasonable restitution plan that works for all involved. If you believe you may be facing embezzlement charges, or if you have been arrested for employee theft, contact a Spain criminal defense lawyer who will fight for a reasonable and fair outcome for you.

Insurance Fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud – Health Insurance Fraud – Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud

Valencia Defense Attorney
Insurance fraud and accusations of insurance fraud are more common than people like to think. I defend people charged with all types of schemes to defraud insurance companies. During legal proceedings, I make sure the evidence is presented fairly and that my clients are not browbeaten by insurance company lawyers. If my clients are convicted, I argue strongly for repayment plans that work for all concerned. Retaliatory payment schedules are of little use to anyone if the payer goes bankrupt or has no Money afterwords. Call me today for a free initial consultation.

Examples of Insurance Fraud
I have represented people charged with filing false police and auto insurance reports. Other clients include people accused of faking disability to gain workers’ compensation benefits or cashing benefit checks for a deceased person. I have defended individuals thought to be involved in arson for profit schemes. Others have been accused of healthcare fraud, or filing false claims. If you have been charged with any type of insurance fraud, contact a Spanish criminal attorney who will defend you against all charges. I will make sure you receive a fair trial and a fair penalty if convicted but we will do our best to get your absolution.

Restitution is the Usual Penalty for Insurance Fraud Conviction, prosecutors normally accept it.
The penalty for an insurance fraud conviction is almost always involves restitution. Insurance companies are often fixated with seeking punitive repayment plans and trying to attach assets such as your home or car. I work to protect you during the development of a restitution plan if you are convicted. If you believe you may be charged with insurance fraud, contact me immediately to begin to protect your rights. I will make sure that any investigation is performed correctly, that records are gathered legally, and that you are treated fairly. Contact my Valencia law office today to learn about your options and how I can help.

Identity Theft

Spain Identity Theft Defense Attorney

Credit Card Fraud – – Forgery Lawyer

Identify theft is usually related to other criminal charges. I have defended people charged with identity theft or fraud. Identity theft often goes along with organized schemes such as purse snatching, internet, or burglary rings. I have the needed experience to defend you against multiple charges such as these, and am your dedicated advocate throughout the legal process, from arraignment to sentencing hearing if you are convicted. If you have been charged of a crime involving identity theft, contact a knowledgeable defense lawyer who knows how to protect your rights. Normally this offense is made to commit another crime.  Call a criminal lawyer like me   for a free initial consultation.

Even Minor Things Can Be Identity Theft like faking a NIE or passport

Something seemingly minor like the forgery of someone’s signature on a check can result in serious fines and penalties, requiring restitution of the money stolen and a criminal record. College students routinely have fake ID or DNI, and usually think little of it. This action may have larger implications. Do not face even seemingly small identify theft charges alone. Protect yourself by having an experienced attorney at your side.

Protect Yourself by Hiring an Experienced Attorney to Defend You

At any legal proceeding against you, I will provide you with vigorous representation at every step of the way, from arraignment hearing to the penalty phase. At all times I will be sure the evidence against you was gathered correctly and that any witness statements are properly examined. To learn more about how I can defend you against any identify theft charge, contact me on 00-34- 963325959

Theft and Larceny

Spain  Employee Theft – Shoplifting – Possession of Stolen Property – Car Theft

Spain Defense Attorney

In my Valencia criminal defense practice, I defend individuals against every type of theft and larceny charge. I have represented both adults and juveniles charged with crimes such as shoplifting, bad checks, auto theft, purse snatching, and pick pocketing. I have also defended people against theft or larceny after the reduction of charges in a more serious matter, such as an armed robbery. Note that the penalty can be different if the amount of the stolen is over 400€ however if the theft has been with violence or intimidation it doesnt matter the amount. For a knowledgeable, thorough defense against theft and property crimes charges contact a qualified criminal solicitor  for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

I Work to Protect Your Rights in Criminal Proceedings for Theft or Larceny

If you have been accused of or arrested for theft or other property crimes, it is critical that you speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer immediately. I will ensure that any evidence entered at trial was properly collected and recorded. I will also make sure that the testimony of any witnesses is fully and fairly examined. I will represent you vigorously in a trial, a hearing, or an arraignment. In short, I will work hard to make sure your rights are protected.

Employee Theft as Well as Shoplifting

Charges of employee theft and other forms of fraud or embezzlement are increasingly common. I defend people against this type of criminal charge as well as against charges such as possession of stolen property, robbery, and any type of theft charge.

Talk to a Knowledgeable Lawyer About Your Theft or Larceny Defense

If you are facing any type of theft or larceny charge, such as employee theft, bad checks, or grand larceny, you need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who is thorough, diligent, and will protect your rights. Before you speak with the police or guardia civil , contact an attorney with experience defending individuals against criminal  changes. To discuss your theft defense today,contact me, a qualified criminal lawyer., at my office in downtown Valencia  As a knowledgeable Spain theft crimes defense attorney, I can help.

Gun Charges

Spain Gun Charges Defense Lawyer

Illegal Possession – Concealed Weapon – Discharge of a Firearm

Spain has some of the most stringent and complex gun laws in Europe . To successfully defend a client against such charges, defense lawyers need to be knowledgeable about Spain gun regulations. I have successfully defended people against charges such as illegal possession of an unlawful weapon and using a gun in the commission of a crime. If you are being investigated or have been charged with a gun crime, contact a qualified criminal solicitor like me to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Fighting to Protect My Client’s Rights

When defending against gun charges, I protect the rights of my clients. I use an experienced investigator to determine whether searches were conducted in a manner consistent with constitutional law. I evaluate witness testimony and measure the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s case against you. If illegalities occurred, I have been able to have evidence suppressed, lowering the level of the charge and penalties or getting the absolution. If you have been charged with transporting weapons illegally or incorrectly carrying a loaded weapon, it is important to contact a knowledgeable lawyer right away.
Call a criminal attorney like me to learn how I can help.

Ordinary People Facing Extraordinary Charges

I also negotiate for lesser penalties, seeking to keep my clients out of state prison if at all possible. Many of my clients are not career criminals and do not belong in the state prison system. Rather, they are people who unwittingly violated Spain  intricate gun regulations. If you have been stopped for speeding and a gun was found in your car, you may be charged with a weapons violation. If you are an antique gun dealer and are found with a stolen weapon in your store, you may be accused of a gun crime. I can help with these situations and with any type of gun crime.

Stiff Penalties for Gun Charges

Spain firearms offenses often entail mandatory prison  time. Conviction of a violation of gun laws can also mean that your ability to posses a firearm will be revoked. It is important that the charges against you in relationship to violation of gun laws be reduced as much as possible, so you can retain your right to own a gun. I will work hard to help you avoid such penalties. Contact a criminal lawyer in Spain like me to begin protecting your rights if you are facing a gun charge.


Are real estate agencies regulated?

There is a national registry of real estate agents — Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria (API) — but agencies are not required to become members. In fact, many large agencies are not members. With an API agency, there are more controls. For example, there are declared fee guidelines – Around 3% to the buyer. Others charge 2% to the buyer and 2% to the vendor. Anyway this is to be negociated with the agent before buying or selling.

Can I file my own taxes as a nonresident?

As of 2002, if you own only one property in Spain, you are allowed to file nonresident tax forms yourself. As of 2004, you are no longer fined if you don’t have a fiscal representative. However, the tax office does not send notifications of IBI tax to addresses outside Spain. If you don’t remember to pay your property tax every year, then when you eventually go to sell your house, you may find that the house has a large debt on it, if fines on unpaid taxes have built up. A fiscal representative serves as the contact person for the government, to ensure that the house remains free of debt.