White Collar Crime

A white collar crime is a non-violent act involving deception, typically committed by a business person or public official. Evidence in a white collar crime usually involves a «paper trail,» of evidence that investigators use to prosecute the case. If you have been charged with a white collar crime, contact an attorney as soon as possible. A criminal defense attorney like me can help you defend your rights. Contact me on 963325959 for a free consultation

Types of White Collar Crime

  • Embezzlement – the taking of someone’s property by a person with whom it is entrusted.
  • Bribery – occurs when someone gives or takes a bribe.
  • Estafa urbanística– con: Selling something is not yours like property or that is is built in a land that if forbidden to built on it by the Town Hall
  • Larceny – involves taking someone’s property without paying for or returning it.
  • Extortion – also known as blackmail.
  • Fraud – this often includes but is not limited to health care fraud and tax fraud.
  • Price Fixing – an agreement between two parties to set prices for a certain product, thereby violating free market operations.
  • Racketeering – the extortion of money by force or a pattern of criminal activity committed to further the interests of a criminal syndicate.
  • Computer Fraud – using a computer to commit a crime.
  • Obstruction of Justice – interfering with the criminal process by impeding an investigation.
  • Securities and Commodities Law Violations
  • Environmental Law Violations
  • Internet crimes

Prosecution of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes can be prosecuted all over Spain  .If convicted, these crimes usually result in jail time, large fines, and restitution to the victims of the crime. For people who have been victimized by white collar crime, like Madoff case, hiring a criminal attorney is often helpful when attempting to recover monies lost.

Spain Juvenile Defense

Spain Juvenile Defense Attorney

If your minor child has been arrested and jailed, you need a knowledgeable attorney to protect his or her rights. It is important that your child be treated as a youthful offender. If he or she is charged in adult court and convicted, the penalty could include incarceration in a Comunidad Autonónoma  facility. Contact a juvenile defense attorney to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Protect Your Child

Teenagers make mistakes. Youthful offenders are charged with the same crimes as adults–theft, vandalism, and marijuana  or cocaine possession. Younger children can be charged with school crimes. Kids steal cars, shoplift, and set fires. They can be charged with serious felonies, such as rape, robbery, and assault. Parents want their children to receive the benefit of the doubt, have their rights protected during the legal proceedings, and get treatment and rehabilitation.

Stay Informed

I can help you with a juvenile defense matter. I understand how difficult it is to have your child arrested and jailed. I also understand that being involved in a legal proceeding is confusing. Parents are often not informed about the schedules, hearings, and other appointments. I can walk you and your child through the process, making sure you understand your child’s options and rights.
I understand the juvenile court process. I will appear on behalf of your child at every hearing and court appointment. You can be assured that I will work hard to protect your child and secure the best possible outcome. If your child has been charged with a crime, contact a juvenile defense attorney. Call me a qualified criminal lawyer in Spain  for a free initial consultation.

Helping Parents and Their Children Navigate the Juvenile Justice System

Robbery Defense

Robbery Defense Lawyer, Valencia , Spain

Armed Robbery – Home Invasion – Car Jacking
I have defended people against all types of robbery charges. If you have been accused of bank robbery, home invasion, or armed robbery, I can defend you. I work to make sure all my clients have a vigorous defense of their rights, are judged fairly, and receive a fair sentence , the absolution If there is physical evidence against you, I make sure that it was gathered according to the law, and that the testimony of witnesses is fully examined. You can be certain that my staff and I will provide you with a full defense against any robbery charge. Contact my Valencia criminal law practise to schedule a free initial consultation.

Robbery Charges Linked to Other Criminal Matters
I have found that robbery charges are often linked to other criminal matters. For example, a drug store robbery may be connected to charges involving the illegal sale of prescription drugs. An armed robbery charge is frequently accompanied by some type of weapons charge or larceny charge.

Motions to Dismiss
I have also been successful with motions to dismiss. When evidence is not properly gathered or preserved, I have been able to have that evidence suppressed. When the suppressed evidence was the basis for a significant charge, such as armed robbery, the charge may be reduced because there is no longer the evidence to support it.

Successful Trial Lawyer is Key in Defending against Robbery Charges
I am a trial lawyer, and welcome the chance to defend my clients accused of armed robbery or other robbery crimes. If you or a family member has been charged in Spain with armed robbery, home invasion, or aggravated robbery, contact a Spain criminal defense lawyer known for his trial skills. Call me, a qualified criminal attorney to discuss your case.

Defending Clients against All Types of Robbery Charges

Murder Manslaughter

Spain Attempted Murder Defense Lawyer

Spain Vehicular Homicide – Involuntary Manslaughter
If you are charged with manslaughter or murder, it is important to have an attorney with trial experience. The stakes are very high for an incident that may have been unintentional. If you are facing a charge of manslaughter or murder, contact an attorney with experience with life felonies. Call me I am an experienced criminal lawyer, for a free initial consultation.

Charges and Penalties for Murder and Manslaughter
Prosecutors have several ways to charge people with homicide or manslaughter. They can bring charges of first and second-degree murder, voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, vehicular homicide, attempted murder, and assault with intent to kill. Each of these charges carries stiff penalties. For example, people convicted of vehicular homicide can face a minimum mandatory sentence of five years in jail, fines, and loss of driver’s license up to four years. A conviction for murder will result in life imprisonment without parole. It is important to have an attorney willing and able to negotiate a reduction in charges. Charges for homicide can go up to 15 years and assassination up to 25 years prison

There is Help for People Who Made a Mistake in Judgment
Some of these charges are levied against people who have committed terrible crimes. Others are issued to people who are not criminals. For example, people who find themselves under arrest for involuntary manslaughter are usually not habitual felons. Rather, they are people who made a serious mistake.

If you or a family member has been charged with murder, attempted murder, or vehicular homicide, it is critical that you contact an attorney right away. I will represent you at every stage of the process, whether at arraignment, bail hearing, pre-trial conferences, or pre-sentencing conferences. Of course, I will mount a vigorous defense at trial, using my courtroom skills, my knowledge of local juries, and my understanding of criminal law. Contact an experienced lawyer to discuss your situation. I will do my best to get you out.

Defending Individuals Charged with Murder, Attempted Murder, and Vehicular Homicide


Spain Stalking Defense lawyer

Spanin Criminal Threats – Harassment
Stalking cases are very emotionally charged. People accused of stalking are seldom career criminals. Rather, they are individuals whose life is coming apart. They are often caught up in family law problems such as custody battles and divorce. I understand the difficult issues that a charge of stalking can raise. If you have been charged with stalking your ex-wife, your boyfriend, or your boss, it is time to seek a defense attorney who will mount a solid case and protect your rights. Contact me to schedule for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Referrals from Other Attorneys in Stalking Cases
When people are arrested on stalking charges, they are often behaving strangely in other ways because of the emotional strain of a disintegrating relationship. I work with family law attorneys whose clients need a criminal defense lawyer. These colleagues know their clients are safe when referring them to my law office.

Complexity of Stalking Charges
People charged with things like workplace stalking and criminal threats are frequently facing other charges as well. Charges of domestic violence and harassment often accompany a charge of stalking. I know how to untangle the various charges you may be facing.
If you have been facing stalking charges, it is very important that you deal with the matter effectively so that it does not affect the other things that are going on in your life. For example, you do not want to let a charge of trespassing interfere with your ability to have visitation rights with your child. At my law office, I understand that people’s lives are complicated, that they face stress, and that they sometimes spiral out of control. I work to minimize the consequences of bad judgment in stalking cases so that you can deal with the other issues. Contact my Valencia law office to learn how I can help you.
Consult a Lawyer Who Understands the Stakes in a Stalking Charge and Can Help

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer, Valencia, Spain

In my Spanish criminal defense practice, I defend people against charges of statutory rape and sexual assault. By hiring a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, individuals who have been charged with sex crimes receive a full and thorough defense. Before you speak with the police, guardia civil or the judge contact a defense lawyer knowledgeable about defending individuals against sex crime charges. To discuss your defense today, contact a qualified criminal solicitor like me at my offices in downtown Valencia for a free initial consultation. As a sexual assault attorney, I will see that you get the best possible defense.

Serious Consequences for Conviction of a Sex Crime
The consequences of sex crimes conviction are serious, up to 12 years prison. Mandatory prison time and limitations on where you can live or work will follow you for the rest of your life. GPS tracking of convicted sex offenders may become a reality in the near future. I understand that the stakes are high, and work hard to protect the rights of my clients, whatever the charge.

I Have the Resources Needed to Uncover the Facts of your Charge
I also use the expertise of my private investigator in sex crime cases. This allows me to verify the accuracy of the police report and charges. I use the investigator’s drawings of building and room layouts, as well interviews with witnesses and others, to construct a solid defense for you.

How I Can Help with a Sexual Assault or other Sexual Misconduct Charge
Whether you have been charged with sexual assault or other sexual misconduct, I can help. I make sure that all evidence against you is gathered and presented correctly. If any evidence is doubtful, I file a motion to suppress, which may reduce the charge against you. I realize that sex crime charges, especially if they involve a teenager or child under 14, can be emotionally charged. Many sex crime charges, such as date rape and other types of sexual assault, are the result of excessive alcohol consumption. This makes it difficult to determine the facts of the matter. I make every effort to uncover the facts of the case, using my litigation skills and the evidence provided by my private investigator.
If you have been charged with any type of sex crime, whether it is solicitation of a minor or child enticement, you need an attorney who will mount a vigorous and effective defense against the charges. The stakes are high in all sexual misconduct cases. Contact my Valencia office to learn how I can help.
The Stakes Are High – Contact a Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery Defense

Assault charges are often brought after events at which excessive alcohol is consumed. Sporting events, concerts, and college gatherings can give rise to assault charges. Bar fights frequently lead to charges of assault. Domestic violence charges often involve assault. Whatever the circumstances of the assault charge, I work to make sure all my clients have a vigorous defense of their rights, are judged by a true jury of their peers, and receive a fair sentence if convicted. If you have been charged with any level of assault, contact a Spanish English speaking lawyer who has the dedication and skill to protect your rights during legal proceedings against you. Call me for a free initial consultation.

Either a Misdemeanor or Felony

Assault can be either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances and whether a weapon was used. The charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon can involve almost any type of weapon. Even if the assault did not involve a gun, this particular offenceor aggravated assault can carry serious consequences, including jail time and fines. If serious injuries resulted from the assault, the accused may also face a civil lawsuit.
There are many factors that go into a felony assault charge. People sometimes fail to realize that many domestic violence charges involve assault. When dueling spouses throw things at each other, charges of this crimemay be brought . If you think you may be facing an assault charge, contact my Valencia law office to learn about your options.

Experienced Trial Lawyer

I have tried many of theses cases, and handled even more misdemeanor assault cases. Whatever the severity of the assault and battery charge, I will represent you effectively, making sure your rights are protected, all evidence against you properly collected, and any penalty applied fairly. Contact my 10 – 15,  Colon St. Valencia law office to learn how I can help you.

Defending Against All Levels of Assault Charges


Spain Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Extortion – Larceny
Charges of embezzlement are often related to other types of theft Practice Area, such credit card fraud, identity theft or purse snatching rings. The penalties can be serious, especially if significant amounts of money are involved. Restitution of embezzled funds can take a lifetime. If you think you may be facing any level of embezzlement charge, contact me, a qualified criminal lawyer for a free initial consultation.

Restitution Required in Most Embezzlement Cases
At my Valencia law office, I defend individuals accused of all types of embezzlement. I walk them through the criminal justice system, making sure that all evidence is properly presented and all witness testimony fairly evaluated. If my client is convicted, I work to reduce the penalties so that it remains possible to make restitution. I argue vigorously for supervised probation rather than jail time but will fight to the end to get your absolution.

Ordinary People Find Themselves Tempted by Extraordinary Opportunities
My clients have included many ordinary people who were tempted by what appeared to be easy money. I have defended teenagers accused of stealing from the cash register at their job after school, bookkeepers charged with altering records, and charity canvassers thought to be skimming off some the collected money. I have also defended people accused of more complex embezzlement.

Protect Your Rights
In any embezzlement matter, I work hard to protect my client’s rights. If he or she is convicted, I argue for a reasonable restitution plan that works for all involved. If you believe you may be facing embezzlement charges, or if you have been arrested for employee theft, contact a Spain criminal defense lawyer who will fight for a reasonable and fair outcome for you.

Insurance Fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud – Health Insurance Fraud – Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud

Valencia Defense Attorney
Insurance fraud and accusations of insurance fraud are more common than people like to think. I defend people charged with all types of schemes to defraud insurance companies. During legal proceedings, I make sure the evidence is presented fairly and that my clients are not browbeaten by insurance company lawyers. If my clients are convicted, I argue strongly for repayment plans that work for all concerned. Retaliatory payment schedules are of little use to anyone if the payer goes bankrupt or has no Money afterwords. Call me today for a free initial consultation.

Examples of Insurance Fraud
I have represented people charged with filing false police and auto insurance reports. Other clients include people accused of faking disability to gain workers’ compensation benefits or cashing benefit checks for a deceased person. I have defended individuals thought to be involved in arson for profit schemes. Others have been accused of healthcare fraud, or filing false claims. If you have been charged with any type of insurance fraud, contact a Spanish criminal attorney who will defend you against all charges. I will make sure you receive a fair trial and a fair penalty if convicted but we will do our best to get your absolution.

Restitution is the Usual Penalty for Insurance Fraud Conviction, prosecutors normally accept it.
The penalty for an insurance fraud conviction is almost always involves restitution. Insurance companies are often fixated with seeking punitive repayment plans and trying to attach assets such as your home or car. I work to protect you during the development of a restitution plan if you are convicted. If you believe you may be charged with insurance fraud, contact me immediately to begin to protect your rights. I will make sure that any investigation is performed correctly, that records are gathered legally, and that you are treated fairly. Contact my Valencia law office today to learn about your options and how I can help.

Identity Theft

Spain Identity Theft Defense Attorney

Credit Card Fraud – – Forgery Lawyer

Identify theft is usually related to other criminal charges. I have defended people charged with identity theft or fraud. Identity theft often goes along with organized schemes such as purse snatching, internet, or burglary rings. I have the needed experience to defend you against multiple charges such as these, and am your dedicated advocate throughout the legal process, from arraignment to sentencing hearing if you are convicted. If you have been charged of a crime involving identity theft, contact a knowledgeable defense lawyer who knows how to protect your rights. Normally this offense is made to commit another crime.  Call a criminal lawyer like me   for a free initial consultation.

Even Minor Things Can Be Identity Theft like faking a NIE or passport

Something seemingly minor like the forgery of someone’s signature on a check can result in serious fines and penalties, requiring restitution of the money stolen and a criminal record. College students routinely have fake ID or DNI, and usually think little of it. This action may have larger implications. Do not face even seemingly small identify theft charges alone. Protect yourself by having an experienced attorney at your side.

Protect Yourself by Hiring an Experienced Attorney to Defend You

At any legal proceeding against you, I will provide you with vigorous representation at every step of the way, from arraignment hearing to the penalty phase. At all times I will be sure the evidence against you was gathered correctly and that any witness statements are properly examined. To learn more about how I can defend you against any identify theft charge, contact me on 00-34- 963325959