Spain Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Extortion – Larceny
Charges of embezzlement are often related to other types of theft Practice Area, such credit card fraud, identity theft or purse snatching rings. The penalties can be serious, especially if significant amounts of money are involved. Restitution of embezzled funds can take a lifetime. If you think you may be facing any level of embezzlement charge, contact me, a qualified criminal lawyer for a free initial consultation.

Restitution Required in Most Embezzlement Cases
At my Valencia law office, I defend individuals accused of all types of embezzlement. I walk them through the criminal justice system, making sure that all evidence is properly presented and all witness testimony fairly evaluated. If my client is convicted, I work to reduce the penalties so that it remains possible to make restitution. I argue vigorously for supervised probation rather than jail time but will fight to the end to get your absolution.

Ordinary People Find Themselves Tempted by Extraordinary Opportunities
My clients have included many ordinary people who were tempted by what appeared to be easy money. I have defended teenagers accused of stealing from the cash register at their job after school, bookkeepers charged with altering records, and charity canvassers thought to be skimming off some the collected money. I have also defended people accused of more complex embezzlement.

Protect Your Rights
In any embezzlement matter, I work hard to protect my client’s rights. If he or she is convicted, I argue for a reasonable restitution plan that works for all involved. If you believe you may be facing embezzlement charges, or if you have been arrested for employee theft, contact a Spain criminal defense lawyer who will fight for a reasonable and fair outcome for you.