If you own a property/ies jointly with other people and you have decided that you no longer wish to maintain the joint ownership, we can force the issue, allowing you to either purchase the other share, they purchase your share, or the property sold and the moneys divided.

Our experience shows that as soon as the other party realises that we can indeed force the issue using the courts, they tend to agree to settle the case, very often in favourable conditions to our clients.

Typical scenario: A couple purchases a property in Spain in joint names. The relationship deteriorates. The economically weak partner will wish to sell and the other party claims that he/she will only pay a ridiculously low amount for the other half, and that he will not accept any different. The necessity of money sometimes leads the weak partner to accept an unreasonable settlement due to the urgency for money. Please note also that even if one partner put in all the money what matters is what the title deed of purchase says.
In these cases we will sometimes work with NO MONEY UPFRONT