Gun Charges

Spain Gun Charges Defense Lawyer

Illegal Possession – Concealed Weapon – Discharge of a Firearm

Spain has some of the most stringent and complex gun laws in Europe . To successfully defend a client against such charges, defense lawyers need to be knowledgeable about Spain gun regulations. I have successfully defended people against charges such as illegal possession of an unlawful weapon and using a gun in the commission of a crime. If you are being investigated or have been charged with a gun crime, contact a qualified criminal solicitor like me to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Fighting to Protect My Client’s Rights

When defending against gun charges, I protect the rights of my clients. I use an experienced investigator to determine whether searches were conducted in a manner consistent with constitutional law. I evaluate witness testimony and measure the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s case against you. If illegalities occurred, I have been able to have evidence suppressed, lowering the level of the charge and penalties or getting the absolution. If you have been charged with transporting weapons illegally or incorrectly carrying a loaded weapon, it is important to contact a knowledgeable lawyer right away.
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Ordinary People Facing Extraordinary Charges

I also negotiate for lesser penalties, seeking to keep my clients out of state prison if at all possible. Many of my clients are not career criminals and do not belong in the state prison system. Rather, they are people who unwittingly violated Spain  intricate gun regulations. If you have been stopped for speeding and a gun was found in your car, you may be charged with a weapons violation. If you are an antique gun dealer and are found with a stolen weapon in your store, you may be accused of a gun crime. I can help with these situations and with any type of gun crime.

Stiff Penalties for Gun Charges

Spain firearms offenses often entail mandatory prison  time. Conviction of a violation of gun laws can also mean that your ability to posses a firearm will be revoked. It is important that the charges against you in relationship to violation of gun laws be reduced as much as possible, so you can retain your right to own a gun. I will work hard to help you avoid such penalties. Contact a criminal lawyer in Spain like me to begin protecting your rights if you are facing a gun charge.