Identity Theft

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Identify theft is usually related to other criminal charges. I have defended people charged with identity theft or fraud. Identity theft often goes along with organized schemes such as purse snatching, internet, or burglary rings. I have the needed experience to defend you against multiple charges such as these, and am your dedicated advocate throughout the legal process, from arraignment to sentencing hearing if you are convicted. If you have been charged of a crime involving identity theft, contact a knowledgeable defense lawyer who knows how to protect your rights. Normally this offense is made to commit another crime.  Call a criminal lawyer like me   for a free initial consultation.

Even Minor Things Can Be Identity Theft like faking a NIE or passport

Something seemingly minor like the forgery of someone’s signature on a check can result in serious fines and penalties, requiring restitution of the money stolen and a criminal record. College students routinely have fake ID or DNI, and usually think little of it. This action may have larger implications. Do not face even seemingly small identify theft charges alone. Protect yourself by having an experienced attorney at your side.

Protect Yourself by Hiring an Experienced Attorney to Defend You

At any legal proceeding against you, I will provide you with vigorous representation at every step of the way, from arraignment hearing to the penalty phase. At all times I will be sure the evidence against you was gathered correctly and that any witness statements are properly examined. To learn more about how I can defend you against any identify theft charge, contact me on 00-34- 963325959