Insurance Fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud – Health Insurance Fraud – Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud

Valencia Defense Attorney
Insurance fraud and accusations of insurance fraud are more common than people like to think. I defend people charged with all types of schemes to defraud insurance companies. During legal proceedings, I make sure the evidence is presented fairly and that my clients are not browbeaten by insurance company lawyers. If my clients are convicted, I argue strongly for repayment plans that work for all concerned. Retaliatory payment schedules are of little use to anyone if the payer goes bankrupt or has no Money afterwords. Call me today for a free initial consultation.

Examples of Insurance Fraud
I have represented people charged with filing false police and auto insurance reports. Other clients include people accused of faking disability to gain workers’ compensation benefits or cashing benefit checks for a deceased person. I have defended individuals thought to be involved in arson for profit schemes. Others have been accused of healthcare fraud, or filing false claims. If you have been charged with any type of insurance fraud, contact a Spanish criminal attorney who will defend you against all charges. I will make sure you receive a fair trial and a fair penalty if convicted but we will do our best to get your absolution.

Restitution is the Usual Penalty for Insurance Fraud Conviction, prosecutors normally accept it.
The penalty for an insurance fraud conviction is almost always involves restitution. Insurance companies are often fixated with seeking punitive repayment plans and trying to attach assets such as your home or car. I work to protect you during the development of a restitution plan if you are convicted. If you believe you may be charged with insurance fraud, contact me immediately to begin to protect your rights. I will make sure that any investigation is performed correctly, that records are gathered legally, and that you are treated fairly. Contact my Valencia law office today to learn about your options and how I can help.