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If you are charged with manslaughter or murder, it is important to have an attorney with trial experience. The stakes are very high for an incident that may have been unintentional. If you are facing a charge of manslaughter or murder, contact an attorney with experience with life felonies. Call me I am an experienced criminal lawyer, for a free initial consultation.

Charges and Penalties for Murder and Manslaughter
Prosecutors have several ways to charge people with homicide or manslaughter. They can bring charges of first and second-degree murder, voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, vehicular homicide, attempted murder, and assault with intent to kill. Each of these charges carries stiff penalties. For example, people convicted of vehicular homicide can face a minimum mandatory sentence of five years in jail, fines, and loss of driver’s license up to four years. A conviction for murder will result in life imprisonment without parole. It is important to have an attorney willing and able to negotiate a reduction in charges. Charges for homicide can go up to 15 years and assassination up to 25 years prison

There is Help for People Who Made a Mistake in Judgment
Some of these charges are levied against people who have committed terrible crimes. Others are issued to people who are not criminals. For example, people who find themselves under arrest for involuntary manslaughter are usually not habitual felons. Rather, they are people who made a serious mistake.

If you or a family member has been charged with murder, attempted murder, or vehicular homicide, it is critical that you contact an attorney right away. I will represent you at every stage of the process, whether at arraignment, bail hearing, pre-trial conferences, or pre-sentencing conferences. Of course, I will mount a vigorous defense at trial, using my courtroom skills, my knowledge of local juries, and my understanding of criminal law. Contact an experienced lawyer to discuss your situation. I will do my best to get you out.

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