Robbery Defense

Robbery Defense Lawyer, Valencia , Spain

Armed Robbery – Home Invasion – Car Jacking
I have defended people against all types of robbery charges. If you have been accused of bank robbery, home invasion, or armed robbery, I can defend you. I work to make sure all my clients have a vigorous defense of their rights, are judged fairly, and receive a fair sentence , the absolution If there is physical evidence against you, I make sure that it was gathered according to the law, and that the testimony of witnesses is fully examined. You can be certain that my staff and I will provide you with a full defense against any robbery charge. Contact my Valencia criminal law practise to schedule a free initial consultation.

Robbery Charges Linked to Other Criminal Matters
I have found that robbery charges are often linked to other criminal matters. For example, a drug store robbery may be connected to charges involving the illegal sale of prescription drugs. An armed robbery charge is frequently accompanied by some type of weapons charge or larceny charge.

Motions to Dismiss
I have also been successful with motions to dismiss. When evidence is not properly gathered or preserved, I have been able to have that evidence suppressed. When the suppressed evidence was the basis for a significant charge, such as armed robbery, the charge may be reduced because there is no longer the evidence to support it.

Successful Trial Lawyer is Key in Defending against Robbery Charges
I am a trial lawyer, and welcome the chance to defend my clients accused of armed robbery or other robbery crimes. If you or a family member has been charged in Spain with armed robbery, home invasion, or aggravated robbery, contact a Spain criminal defense lawyer known for his trial skills. Call me, a qualified criminal attorney to discuss your case.

Defending Clients against All Types of Robbery Charges