Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer, Valencia, Spain

In my Spanish criminal defense practice, I defend people against charges of statutory rape and sexual assault. By hiring a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, individuals who have been charged with sex crimes receive a full and thorough defense. Before you speak with the police, guardia civil or the judge contact a defense lawyer knowledgeable about defending individuals against sex crime charges. To discuss your defense today, contact a qualified criminal solicitor like me at my offices in downtown Valencia for a free initial consultation. As a sexual assault attorney, I will see that you get the best possible defense.

Serious Consequences for Conviction of a Sex Crime
The consequences of sex crimes conviction are serious, up to 12 years prison. Mandatory prison time and limitations on where you can live or work will follow you for the rest of your life. GPS tracking of convicted sex offenders may become a reality in the near future. I understand that the stakes are high, and work hard to protect the rights of my clients, whatever the charge.

I Have the Resources Needed to Uncover the Facts of your Charge
I also use the expertise of my private investigator in sex crime cases. This allows me to verify the accuracy of the police report and charges. I use the investigator’s drawings of building and room layouts, as well interviews with witnesses and others, to construct a solid defense for you.

How I Can Help with a Sexual Assault or other Sexual Misconduct Charge
Whether you have been charged with sexual assault or other sexual misconduct, I can help. I make sure that all evidence against you is gathered and presented correctly. If any evidence is doubtful, I file a motion to suppress, which may reduce the charge against you. I realize that sex crime charges, especially if they involve a teenager or child under 14, can be emotionally charged. Many sex crime charges, such as date rape and other types of sexual assault, are the result of excessive alcohol consumption. This makes it difficult to determine the facts of the matter. I make every effort to uncover the facts of the case, using my litigation skills and the evidence provided by my private investigator.
If you have been charged with any type of sex crime, whether it is solicitation of a minor or child enticement, you need an attorney who will mount a vigorous and effective defense against the charges. The stakes are high in all sexual misconduct cases. Contact my Valencia office to learn how I can help.
The Stakes Are High – Contact a Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer