Spain Juvenile Defense

Spain Juvenile Defense Attorney

If your minor child has been arrested and jailed, you need a knowledgeable attorney to protect his or her rights. It is important that your child be treated as a youthful offender. If he or she is charged in adult court and convicted, the penalty could include incarceration in a Comunidad Autonónoma  facility. Contact a juvenile defense attorney to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Protect Your Child

Teenagers make mistakes. Youthful offenders are charged with the same crimes as adults–theft, vandalism, and marijuana  or cocaine possession. Younger children can be charged with school crimes. Kids steal cars, shoplift, and set fires. They can be charged with serious felonies, such as rape, robbery, and assault. Parents want their children to receive the benefit of the doubt, have their rights protected during the legal proceedings, and get treatment and rehabilitation.

Stay Informed

I can help you with a juvenile defense matter. I understand how difficult it is to have your child arrested and jailed. I also understand that being involved in a legal proceeding is confusing. Parents are often not informed about the schedules, hearings, and other appointments. I can walk you and your child through the process, making sure you understand your child’s options and rights.
I understand the juvenile court process. I will appear on behalf of your child at every hearing and court appointment. You can be assured that I will work hard to protect your child and secure the best possible outcome. If your child has been charged with a crime, contact a juvenile defense attorney. Call me a qualified criminal lawyer in Spain  for a free initial consultation.

Helping Parents and Their Children Navigate the Juvenile Justice System