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Stalking cases are very emotionally charged. People accused of stalking are seldom career criminals. Rather, they are individuals whose life is coming apart. They are often caught up in family law problems such as custody battles and divorce. I understand the difficult issues that a charge of stalking can raise. If you have been charged with stalking your ex-wife, your boyfriend, or your boss, it is time to seek a defense attorney who will mount a solid case and protect your rights. Contact me to schedule for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Referrals from Other Attorneys in Stalking Cases
When people are arrested on stalking charges, they are often behaving strangely in other ways because of the emotional strain of a disintegrating relationship. I work with family law attorneys whose clients need a criminal defense lawyer. These colleagues know their clients are safe when referring them to my law office.

Complexity of Stalking Charges
People charged with things like workplace stalking and criminal threats are frequently facing other charges as well. Charges of domestic violence and harassment often accompany a charge of stalking. I know how to untangle the various charges you may be facing.
If you have been facing stalking charges, it is very important that you deal with the matter effectively so that it does not affect the other things that are going on in your life. For example, you do not want to let a charge of trespassing interfere with your ability to have visitation rights with your child. At my law office, I understand that people’s lives are complicated, that they face stress, and that they sometimes spiral out of control. I work to minimize the consequences of bad judgment in stalking cases so that you can deal with the other issues. Contact my Valencia law office to learn how I can help you.
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